What is Tunas Marketing?
The Tunas Marketing Service is a platform created for SME’s to utilize in expanding their brand awareness and an expanded customer base.
  • Increase the awareness of your company and brand in your local area
  • Experience an increased customer base and to build brand loyalty
  • Your products are promoted through different forms of marketing to the general public
  • Partnering with Tunas Savers tells a number of positive things about your company, brand and product:
    • That you value your customers by keeping them first as priority
    • Offering quality product and services
    • Encourage customer loyalty by discount programs.
    • Care about their affordability by offering discounts
    • Associated with a credible and trusted organization which has received commendation from its partners and subsequent endorsements.
    • You are guaranteed to target students and indeed the general public (we can guarantee that only students and or accredited consumers access the benefits you offer Tunas Savers cardholders as all cards are differentiated according to its users and does have unique serial number stored in our database, which means that the Tunas Savers can provide to its partners with online card validation).
A partnership as benefit partner to Tunas Savers
  • Offers marketing through the online discount platform including positioning on our website both locally and globally
  • Can annually expose your organization or business to reach a greater number of population within your local territory.
  • Enables your business to offer students benefits, benefits to working class and senior citizens and also to other special persons in the region.
  • Students are able to purchase that long desire of theirs with the little cash in their pocket through the discounts that you offer.
  • Enjoy the benefits of our social media advertisement, promotion of your goods and services through our web platform and other exciting means to get your offerings out to the millions of customers out there.
  • Our card holders can search for discounts and your business through our web platform or by simply calling our office.
  • Card holders can view your business offerings separately and not linked with other competitors.
Happy Clients
Happy Clients
How to Apply

Step 1

Go online to register your business and further provide relevant information to enable us create an account for your business.

Step 2

Alternatively you may contact our Office to speak with our Tunas Savers Team in other to discuss the modalities and how much discount your business is able to offer (Buy 2 free 1 or Minimum 10% discount and above etc), and to also discuss on the terms and conditions.

Step 3

Complete the application form to state the services you are offering, location and other relevant business information.

Step 4

Provide us with your company logo, graphics and content.

Step 5

Enjoy your status as a Tunas Savers Benefit partner and reach out to the millions of people waiting to embrace your business offerings both locally and globally.
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